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Ej P., Plano, TX.</span>

"Did eyelash extension, I love it!!! She has the best beauty insight and very professional~ Strongly recommend!!"

Ej P., Plano, TX.
John L,Euless, Texas,  03/03/2014</span>

If you are in mid-cities and looking for a great place to get cleaned up and pretty, please stop by Nikki's! Great price for the wonderful work they do! The owners are the sweetest people, they are great at what they do and totally take pride in their business!

John L,Euless, Texas, 03/03/2014
Emma Langi-Colon, Euless, Texas  10/14/2014</span>

Glad I found you Nikki! I had a great person, Sanu, who did my eyebrows in CT and I was worried I wouldn't find someone like her once I moved to TX. I'm very happy and especially since you're so close by. Thank you.

Emma Langi-Colon, Euless, Texas 10/14/2014
Tna Michelle Euless, Texas 11/19/2013</span>

Very friendly customer service! I felt very welcomed. I was running errands & I didn't bring my daughter since I was getting my eyebrows threaded, but they have a play area for the kids, so next time I have her, I know that I can bring her in with out a problem. Also the lady did a great job on my brows. I'll be back....

Tna Michelle Euless, Texas 11/19/2013
Mayra M Sanchez, Grapevine, 1/11/2014</span>

Very good Service.

Mayra M Sanchez, Grapevine, 1/11/2014
Loriel Ciera, Euless, TX, 2/19/2014</span>

Awesome job, staffs were very friendly and welcoming! Quick service and great results-threading.

Loriel Ciera, Euless, TX, 2/19/2014
Holy L Minsons ,Euless, Tx, 11/01/2014</span>

My favorite place by far to get my brows done. Reasonably priced and very friendly

Holy L Minsons ,Euless, Tx, 11/01/2014
Jamie C Medford Euless,   12/19/2013</span>

Clean store, great service, reasonable rates. I'll definitely be back. And after I asked for something that was not possible with my brow shape the aesthetician double checked with a co worker and then told me no instead of doing what I asked and letting me look silly. Thank you for saving me from myself!:-)

Jamie C Medford Euless, 12/19/2013
S Crawford Bedford, 06/09/2014</span>

Excellent service. Thanks

S Crawford Bedford, 06/09/2014
Samantha R, Fort Worth, Tx,  07/30/2014 </span>

I love coming here to get my eyebrows threaded. I stick to the same lady every time that way me eyebrows stay consistent and she's already familiar with my needs. Plus, she charges $7 versus $10 at the malls! My lady puts cooling gel once she's done threading and will lightly massage by brows; sometimes she'll go further and massage my temples. The service is wonderful and the people are extremely nice. There's a small table with books and toys for children as they wait for their mother's. IT's thoughtful and it definitely keeps the kiddos busy! You get a card that is hold punched every time you purchase a service. I don't remember the exact number of visits, but after a certain time you get your brows done for free. (Less than 10 visits).

Samantha R, Fort Worth, Tx, 07/30/2014
Alissa H,Fort Worth, Tx   11/21/2014</span>

I've been coming to Nikki's Threading Salon and Spa for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it! My eyebrows have never looked better. $7 for amazing an amazing threading and a temple massage? I'll take it! I will definitely continue coming here.

Alissa H,Fort Worth, Tx 11/21/2014
Annie T, Bedford,    8/10/2014</span>

It was my first time coming here and the lady that did my eyebrows was amazing! She went through with me what she was going to do before hand, and she was super professional! My eyebrows are super hard to thread and they turned out perfect! She even massaged my brows with a cooling gel, felt awesome 😉 I'm definitely a happy customer, will be returning every 2 weeks!!;) 08/10/2014

Annie T, Bedford, 8/10/2014
Leona H 02/12/2015</span>

That's my spot. Love, Love, Love everyone at Nikki's Threading-They are simply the BEST!

Leona H 02/12/2015
Demetria D. H. 2/10/2015</span>

I love it. They are very friendly n they make sure u are pleased....

Demetria D. H. 2/10/2015
Benjalyn E 2/07/2015</span>

Just went there last Friday and love this place!

Benjalyn E 2/07/2015
Nicole N,Euless, Texas, 3/12/2015</span>

I love coming here! For years I used to go to different nail salons to get my eyebrows waxed, then I discovered threading! The other places I tried threading, it hurt! This is the only place I go to for threading. Come here, you won't regret it! Everyone who works here is super nice and sweet!! They are very friendly and I've never had a bad experience here. They make you feel like family!!! They also have lots of other services, be sure to check them out!

Nicole N,Euless, Texas, 3/12/2015
Sara C, Fort Worth, 2/21/2015</span>

Wonderful! Friendly staff, no wait time, excellent work. I am very happy. I will be coming back again and again.

Sara C, Fort Worth, 2/21/2015
Amy A, Euless, 2/17/2015</span>

I went here for the first time today. I previously visited another threading studio but moved and wanted something closer to home. It was fast, professional, and inexpensive! I would highly recommend!

Amy A, Euless, 2/17/2015
Annee Lowe, 03/07/2015</span>

Friendly/Professional environment. I refuse to go anywhere else.....

Annee Lowe, 03/07/2015
Tiffany McKay, 03/25/2015</span>

Consistently delivers! That's why I keep going back, plus 10th visit is free!

Tiffany McKay, 03/25/2015
Angelica Pepinillos,03/22/2015</span>

Loved this place, definitely will come back again! Great customer service and friendly staff!

Angelica Pepinillos,03/22/2015
Sunshine SAchwani, 11/20/2013, Euless</span>

Pratima, a.k.a. Nikki, the owner is awesome and she understands the need of the client as every client is different. She would be open to suggest ideas and recommends what's best for u.... Laxmi does the facial amazing. One sincere to her work and friendly. I simply love being there, it's like meeting friends. 🙂 Awesome customer service...!! Definitely going to recommend anyone reading this...!! Thanks...!!!

Sunshine SAchwani, 11/20/2013, Euless
Hannah R, Colleyville, Texas 4/29/2015</span>

I usually get my eyebrows waxed but I figured i'd try here. I was little scared but the lady who did it (first station on the right) was awesome. She was quick, fast, friendly and she did a great job. It hurt less than waxing and they looked great after! Plus the prices are awesome! The place is clean and nice on the inside also.

Hannah R, Colleyville, Texas 4/29/2015
Wanda Marie, 5/8/2015</span>

Well yesterday was my second time!! I love this place.. It doesn't hurt when I get my eyebrows done!!! But mainly there are very honest people. I left my second set of keys there.. well guess what. I picked them up today. Thank you God for letting people still be honest!! I love this place!!!

Wanda Marie, 5/8/2015
Natalia Gonzlez, August 12, 2015</span>

Love this place!! Highly recommend. Great prices too.

Natalia Gonzlez, August 12, 2015
Kati Wettig, June 2,2015</span>

Great prices, clean store, the girls are wonderful!

Kati Wettig, June 2,2015
Persephone Black, August 8, 2015</span>

Clean. Great service. Great price. My favorite place to get threaded in the mid cities.

Persephone Black, August 8, 2015
Rosario A,  Dallas, Tx, 8/28/215</span>

Very clean, very nice and very friendly. I think i found my new home for threading. The job was done right for a great price. I will definitely be back!!

Rosario A, Dallas, Tx, 8/28/215
Renee A, Carrollton, TX, 8 August, 2015 </span>

I saw my daughters friends eyebrows and asked her who did them and she told me it was a salon in Euless. We got the name of the salon from her friend. We walked in and was greeted immediately. They were very friendly. We opted to wait on Nikkis ( who turned out to be the owner) because that's who had done the young lady's eyebrows. She did a phenomenal job!! My daughter was extremely satisfied and we will return again. I will definitely recommend her!!!

Renee A, Carrollton, TX, 8 August, 2015
Kate C </>

I was nervous to make the switch to threading because i heard from a friend but Nikki's was wonderful! No wait time, very sweet staff members, and both my eyebrows and upper lip threading was mostly painless. Buttttt to be fair i am a huge wimp when it comes to pain and i have very sensitive skin. The cooling gel and the mins massage was fantastic. I am in the process to moving to Euless so i will definitely be a regular. I am also excited to try out a facial from Nikki's soon!!!

Kate C
Zena D, 10/19/2015,  Addison</Addison>

I was thrilled to find Nikki's so close to my new home in Euless! Pratima the owner and all the girls who work there are super nice and great at what they do. I usually do threading and waxing and got my Henna done recently too and received so many compliments on it. The salon is always clean and usually get helped right away.

Zena D, 10/19/2015, Addison
Stephanie, 10/19/2015, Arlington</Arlington>

I had a very pleasant first experience here and I will definitely come back. The shop was clean and quiet. I was greeted with a smile when I walked in and I was seated quickly for services. I chose lip and chin and even though she made me cry like a baby, I was super pleased and I'll be going back in two weeks. Don't hesitate to stop in here. Painful but she makes it so worth it. I love the results. Very sweet lady.

Stephanie, 10/19/2015, Arlington
Ingird C 11/7/15, Euless</span>

Very inexpensive and great eyebrow threading. I will definetly give up the hassel of tweezing and let these ladies work their magic.

Ingird C 11/7/15, Euless
Lynette Jones, Euless, <>October 6th 2015</span>

If you are in need of any hair removal, go and see this guys!!! They are nice and do amazing job, every time i get my eyebrow threaded!!

Lynette Jones, Euless, <>October 6th 2015
Candice Galloway Nov 22, 2015, Cedar Hill</span>

I drive all the way from cedar hill when I need to get my brows done. Ever since I moved to the dfw area Nikki's threading salon has been the only place I've been to get my eyebrows done. The facility is clean and the staff is amazing and very welcoming. There is no place like Nikki's!

Candice Galloway Nov 22, 2015, Cedar Hill
Ashley S.Dallas, 12/10/2015</span>

This was my first time here and it was great! I visited during my lunch break so as soon as I came in I was able to get assistance. The lady took her time and made my eyebrows flawless. The place was quiet and clean. I am definitely coming back due to the service and reasonable price. They even gave me a punch card 🙂

Ashley S.Dallas, 12/10/2015
Vanni Hola Designation</span>

Hands down the best place to go too , to get your eyebrows thredded.

Vanni Hola Designation
Arlene D Berumen </span>

Love how they remember us and ask about our families. They are so humble. We don't go anywhere else.

Arlene D Berumen
Brianna V Euless, 2/7/2016</span>

5.0 star rating 2/7/2016 I have been going here for at least a year now, maybe more, and I absolutely love it!! Way better than getting a wax, and my eyebrows ALWAYS come out perfect! I even came here back when I went to prom and got my back waxed, and that was great too. There is one lady who always does my eyebrows and I wont go to anyone else.

Brianna V Euless, 2/7/2016
Melissa D Euless, 2/20/2016</span>

I am so happy to have found this clean little shop tucked in a corner so close to home. The ladies are all very nice and you are in and out in a flash. I really prefer threading over waxing- it's so much easier on my skin. I am a satisfied customer.

Melissa D Euless, 2/20/2016
Tara Lateisha Ross 05-29-16

Nikki gets my eyebrows PERFECT every time!!! #loyalcustomer

Tara Lateisha Ross 05-29-16
Candace D Austin, TX. 5/14/2017</span>

The only place I go to get my eyebrows done. I drive all the way from cedar hill and it's def worth it!

Candace D Austin, TX. 5/14/2017

I have been going here for my eyebrow threading ever since it opened. Reasonable rates, friendly staff, very clean and great location!

Carolina N Euless, 5/13/2017
Meggan V Fort Worth, 3/19/2017</span>

I had my brows threaded and a hair cut while I was here last time. They did a great job! They had a few questions about how I wanted my hair cut and instead of just doing what she thought I wanted like most places she actually took the time to talk it over! I got a great haircut and I'm very pleased with them. A few others were in the shop and they were all very polite and nice. Very satisfied with the place and you can't beat the prices.

Meggan V Fort Worth, 3/19/2017
Rihana R Mansfield, TX, 3/17/2017</span>

This place is amazing!! Nikki always makes sure every one of her customers are taken care of!! Everyone does amazing eyebrow shaping & this will always be my eyebrow threading place!

Rihana R Mansfield, TX, 3/17/2017
Claudia G. Houston, Texas, 11/12/2016</span>

Was in town visiting, last minute trip and didn't have time to get my brows done back at home. read Yelp reviews and had to check it out for myself. The young lady who did my brows (I didn't get her name) was very nice and took her time (which I've never had) it hurt because I had been trying to let hem grow out. But I was very satisfied. She took her time to shape and clean them up! And there was no wait!! I wish this place was close to home! Would definitely be my go to! If I'm ever back in town and need my brows cleaned up. I would definitely be back!

Claudia G. Houston, Texas, 11/12/2016
T C. Bedford, Texas, 8/20/2016</span>

Everyone was really nice, greeting when you first walk in which is one of the things I look for when I walk into a business. I asked for Nikki, she had someone in her chair, they were about to give me someone else but I told them I would wait due to I hadn't seen any reviews for anyone but her. It was not long before she got to me. She did very good, even gave me an arch something I am always nervous to let people do but she did very well both brows straight! Will definitely go back. Not really sure about the cooling gel. I don't think I'll get that again. It's just supposed to sooth from the threading I guess but I think it broke me out around the brow not too bad though.

T C. Bedford, Texas, 8/20/2016
TaniaS.Brooklyn New York ,7/29/2016</span>

I needed to get my eyebrows done while on vacation and I was worried about trying a new place. I'm really glad I came to Nikki's. They have good prices-- $7 for eyebrow threading-- and they did a great jobs with my eyebrows!

TaniaS.Brooklyn New York ,7/29/2016
Melanie, LDuncanville, TX, 7/19/2016</span>

I am very happy with my threading experience there. It is great when you find a good threader. I did my whole face. Prices were reasonable and my eyebrows look great. I will be back anytime I am in town!

Melanie, LDuncanville, TX, 7/19/2016
Kris PEuless, TX, 5/28/2016</span>

Just had my brows threaded & an upper lip wax done. Very nice experience! It's a clean, quiet little shop run by some very friendly ladies. I will definitely be back.

Kris PEuless, TX, 5/28/2016
Daniela G, </span>

Came to get my hair done for my sisters wedding, had my appointment at 12:30 she attended me way before and finished quite quickly. I'm very happy with it and would definitely come again

Daniela G,
Brenda D,Bedford, 3/18/2018</span>

my first time in and loved it! best threading experience i have had & pricing was great which was a huge plus. will definitely be coming back!

Brenda D,Bedford, 3/18/2018
Lacey S, Euless, 3/11/2018</span>

Eyebrow threading is always good, quick and efficient, I am always satisfied with the results. That facial, it was my second time and it was beyond relaxing. The massage combined the music was compete serenity. I implore any reader to get their next facial here. My skin was left feeling smooth and refreshed after my pearl facial.

Lacey S, Euless, 3/11/2018
Corin C, Florida, 3/2/2018</span>

Was a little hesitant to go anywhere to get my brows threaded but since I'm going to be out of town, I decided to give this place a chance. Super attentive and accommodating. I let Nikki know how I liked my eyebrows and she did just as I asked and it was way less painful than other places. She even noticed that I was still growing in my left brow after an unfortunate occurrence somewhere else. My brows look great, full and shaped. Definitely recommend!

Corin C, Florida, 3/2/2018
Ameli H, Bedford, 1/29/2018</span>

Great place to get eyebrows done! They get it done fast and for a great price ! Been going here for a couple years and don't plan on stopping! You walk in and there's hardly ever a wait and if so it's like 5 minutes so if you're in a rush it's still perfect !

Ameli H, Bedford, 1/29/2018
Noemi L,  Euless, 1/14/2018</span>

So about 3 years ago I saw this place on my way to Kroger. I have thinned eyebrows unfortunately. I called to see if they wax eyebrows too. Pratima answered and said they only thread eyebrows. I explained to her I was terrified of threading because I've heard how painful it is. She told me to come in and she promised it would not be painful and if it was she would not charge me. And so I did and my goodness Pratima was super gentle!! It did not hurt at all. I've been coming here ever since. The other girls are pretty good at threading as well. And it's only $7! Love this place!!!!

Noemi L, Euless, 1/14/2018
Mary F,Fort Worth ,12/17/2017</span>

Wonderful service with great results at a very good price! They are efficient, friendly, and threading doesn't hurt once you're used to it! Definitely recommend this salon.

Mary F,Fort Worth ,12/17/2017
Andrea D Euless, 12/14/2017</span>

Great threading place to go. Never a long wait and they do a great job threading brows every time I go. I love they offer a punch card so you can earn rewards. I definitely recommend coming here.

Andrea D Euless, 12/14/2017
Amanda L,Dallas, 10/8/2017</span>

I have been going to get my eyebrows threaded here for since 2014 and love it! This has to be my favorite threading as there's no discount needed to get great pricing and better service. I would recommend this salon to anyone.

Amanda L,Dallas, 10/8/2017
Jennifer V, Irving 9/22/2017</span>

All the ladies do a great job. I've had at least 4 ladies do my eyebrows since I moved to this area a year ago and they all do a great job. It's a relief to find a great eyebrow threading place so close to home! Not all places are the same, I've had bad experiences at other locations.

Jennifer V, Irving 9/22/2017
Marie P, Bedford 8/31/2017</span>

I remember seeing this place for the first time a few months ago when I started doing my laundry right next door, but I never had the guts to go in since I've never had my eyebrows threaded. Today, I finally went in after realizing my eyebrows needed some maintenance and omg! I absolutely loved my experience here. This will definitely be my go-to for getting my eyebrows done from now on.

Marie P, Bedford 8/31/2017
Mariah H,Euless 8/24/2017</span>

Price is great and Nikki does a wonderful job and gets you in and out in no time. Finally found a permanent place to get these brows done!

Mariah H,Euless 8/24/2017
Su H, Houston 8/19/2017</span>

How awesome was this place? Super awesome. Nikki did threading on my daughter's eyebrows and placed lash extensions. Another person did her henna tatto. The price blew me away, it was so cheap. It is a small simple place, but I drove the hour from Weatherford to see my parents and this place had the highest rating. We plan to return.

Su H, Houston 8/19/2017
Larissa D, Brazil8/8/2017</span>

I went there for the first time a few weeks ago worried about trying a new place and how it would go. Nikki herself did my eyebrows and upper lip much quicker than anyone else has and she was also very knowledgeable and explained to me exactly what she was doing so I would feel confident. She actually corrected mistakes previous threading salons have made. Service was great and the work was very well done. I am going back for sure!!

Larissa D, Brazil8/8/2017
Chenal G, Fort Worth, 7/28/2017</span>

I love Nikki's threading. My brows are very thick and I like to keep them full but defined. Nikki personally does my brows and they look great each time. I have recommended and even brought friends with me to have their brows done. And the price is right!

Chenal G, Fort Worth, 7/28/2017
Amanda Auvil, 10/22/2017</span>

I have been going to the salon for 5 years now. I moved 45 mins away and still travel to come here. I will not let anyone else touch my brows. They are the best !!!!

Amanda Auvil, 10/22/2017
Tiffany Hopwood, 4/23/2018</span>

I've had my eyebrows done, waxing, and my hair styled. Everything here is great!

Tiffany Hopwood, 4/23/2018
Khatri Niru 11/18/2017</span>

I never had my good eyebrows ever before and then I met Nikki. I love you Nikki, you are a awesome human. 😘😘😘😘

Khatri Niru 11/18/2017
Sherise Flaming, 4/2018</span>

I have tried many threading salons over the years and Nikki by far is the absolute best at what she does. You can tell that she knows what she is doing and that she takes pride in her craft. She is does an amazing job every single time, i just love her! The way my brows grow is very funky and she absolutely transforms them.

Sherise Flaming, 4/2018
Niruta Khatri, 4/2018</span>

Thank you Nikki D! You are such a great artist. Picture talks itself. You are magical.

Niruta Khatri, 4/2018
Tatyana Jimenez 1/2018</span>

I’ve been coming here for about a year or so and am always impressed with how my brows look! Price is great also, and I am always treated with respect 🙂

Tatyana Jimenez 1/2018
Dallas, Texas 12/2017</span>

I discovered about this place when my colleagues were discussing about it during our lunch break at work and of course i decided to try this salon. Friendly service, unbeatable prices, quality work, neat & clean salon!!! This will be my to go place for all of my beauty needs from now on...

Dallas, Texas 12/2017
Nazia Ebrahim11/2017</span>

I am Pakistani, new to Texas from Arizona Phoenix area, live in Euless now and this is the first threading salon I have been to here. -Excellent customer service -Great Service -Reasonable Pricing -Great location Service I have used so far: threading eyebrows/upper lip and hair cut. I am looking forward to try the Henna hair coloring service, and facial.

Nazia Ebrahim11/2017
Bandm Roberson,11/2017</span>

Great service and price!!!

Bandm Roberson,11/2017
Maria Legaux Williams, 10/2017</span>

Love this place. They get you ready for any affair.

Maria Legaux Williams, 10/2017
Evangeli Inocando 9/2017</span>

Got eyebrow threading done and Nikki is incredible! She has magic hands. My eyes usually water a lot and they didn't water at all with her. She was quick, fast, and made my eyebrows look awesome.

Evangeli Inocando 9/2017
Priscilla Marentes 07/19/2018</span>

OMG ...after so many failed experiences I finally found the one ...Thank you Nikki, YOURE THE BEST

Priscilla Marentes 07/19/2018
Diandrea Valenzula,  12/6/2016</span>

Eyebrows on fleek. Nikki always does a great job. Loyal customer!

Diandrea Valenzula, 12/6/2016
Donna C  Gonzales,  6/22/2016</span>

I love coming here. Nikki always takes care of me

Donna C Gonzales, 6/22/2016
Karla Avila,  7/7/2018</span>

Great place!!!

Karla Avila, 7/7/2018
Rose Brook,  8/10/2018</span>

Lol ! I recco,

Rose Brook, 8/10/2018
MaLeah Galvan,  8/6/2018</span>

Really great price and super nice staff. My first time in today got my upper lip and eyebrows done in less than 10 mins for only $11. Offered a punch card (free brows after 10 visits). My eyebrows look great thank you!

MaLeah Galvan, 8/6/2018
Ann Garcia 8/10/2018</span>

This is for sure, my one stop place for all my beauty needs. Beautiful results, reasonably priced, cute and immaculate place and always friendly people.

Ann Garcia 8/10/2018
Breanna Walton,  9/23/2018</span>

Nikki done a wonderful on my eyebrows. Hadn't had them threaded in years. Went on lunch break and was in and out in no time. Will be back soon.

Breanna Walton, 9/23/2018
Lorraine Gonzalez,  9/2/2018</span>

(Translated by Google) 100% satisfied percent- Love them and the service. (Original) 100% por ciento satisfecho- Love them and the service.

Lorraine Gonzalez, 9/2/2018
Gita Shrestha,  9/3/2018</span>

Always excellent service and results!!! Just love them:)

Gita Shrestha, 9/3/2018